Our vision is to be a leader in the aftermarket motor industry with our focus on reasonable and fair client treatment and satisfaction.

Our journey started way back in 2013 on the side of Matthew’s house. We built a 22m² shed and bought an application package to start applicating Plasti Dip to parts.

We decided to call ourselves Liquidwraps as this was our sole focus, wrapping cars with this new liquid product which dries to a removable film.
After a successful first 6 months, we decided to ramp things up and rent a small 200m² premises in Kensington. We decided to bring in more services like detailing and then decided to rename the company to CVP (Custom Vehicle Protection) to cover all of these aspects. Liquidwraps then became one of our services and we then went on to copyright the name as we were fast becoming an industry leader.

We continued to grow and opened up a new branch in Paarden Eiland focusing on vehicle detailing. We trained under Hans Kaiser to become Cape Towns first official Swissvax detailing centre. In 2016 we decided to consolidate all of our premises to Paarden Eiland, and moved our Liquidwrap shop across from Kensington. We now had just over 1 000m² at our disposal to grow and take on new services.

Our personal vehicles became noticed and we started getting enquiries for building clients custom cars. This exploded, too fast in fact! We were full up and needed to expand to handle our biggest contract to date from Monster Energy & Coke to simultaneously build 4 E30 BMWs for sampling purposes.

We expanded our mechanical and detailing shop to over 1 000m² within itself for the period of this job allowing us to accommodate so many vehicles at once. We called this expanded workshop “Smoke’m Garage” as Matthew had just bought 50% shares in the local clothing brand and wanted to co-brand. Over the next 2 years – we carried on growing and acquiring all the shares to Smoke’m Apparel. In 2018 we decided to merge the two under the Smoke’m umbrella after we conducted a survey with our customers – in which they were all in favour of Smoke’m Garage.

Over the past 6 years we have moulded ourselves and our business into an industry leader in wrapping, paintwork, restorations and custom fibreglass and carbon-fibre fabrication.

Our core focus is fleet branding and modification. We offer our clients a full list of services pertaining to modifying and branding their vehicles.