Liquidwrap is a spray-on, removable, liquid-coating that – when dry – becomes a solid, durable and long-lasting rubber coating. With over 2 000 colours to chose from, or even colour-shifting and metallic finishes, Liquidwrap is the most cost-effective choice.
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The design applications and pattern possibilities for Liquidwraps are almost endless. Liquidwrap is easily removable and provides protection against scratches, stone chips and elementals effects such as UV damage. It’s super easil to maintain and repair; spot touch-ups and scratches can be corrected with a simple blow-over spray. When a client requires a full colour change in gloss we turn to vinyl or paint. Currently – we save brands up to 40% on their branding costs by using Liquidwrap. Liquidwraps are limited to matte and satin finishes, yet our colour-mixing-facility allows us to mix most NCS colours to match any brand.

With the ability to touch-up and fix and maintain general wear-and-tear, we can keep your fleet in top shape all of the time. We recommend yearly blow-overs or full touch-ups. This normally costs on average 40% – 60% of the initial value. We also offer setting up in-house touch-up centres for bigger fleets – to keep your fleet in tip-top shape all of the time.


Our Liquidwrap, removable rubber-coating is the latest innovation to hit the film industry! With our broad array of colours and finishes, we are able to make seemingly impossible projects a reality. We have found that due to the rubber nature of the product, application onto flexible surfaces is a revolution! Our new spray-on, removable, waterproof mud is making the lives of art departments a breeze. Our ability to match this to any colour mud sample allows us to create an absolutely authentic look.

We have a mobile team that can spray any job on site within South Africa, as well as overnight peeling services for quick changes between shoot days. We’re ready to take on any project – no matter what the challenge! We understand the nature of this fast-paced industry and offer a flexible approach to each and every project. From small add-ons to full customizations – our fabrication team can even modify any vehicle temporarily or permanently to suit any theme.